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2011 Karate England National Championships
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2011 Karate England National Open Championships

The brave decision to make this years English Championships an open event paid dividends. Apart from entries from unaffiliated English groups there was also a strong entry from the Romanian Karate Federation.

The Romanians are well funded by there government and were looking for an end of year International to complete their calendar and so were happy to attend. The squad was accompanied by WUKF General secretary Mr Liviu Crisan and consisted of mainly seniors with a few cadets.

The choice of Loughborough Sports Centre is always a popular one because of it's central location and since moving KE events there entries have steadily increased.

This year saw a 28 per cent increase in entries , consequently it was felt necessary to run 5 tatamis which proved to be good planning as all five areas were used throughout the day with an early evening finish.

The Karate England sports commission ran the event (Bob Poynron , Abdu Shaher and Ian Cuthbert) with additional help from Referees commission members (Azad Kumar and Trisha Jordan).

The standard throughout was excellent especially in the cadet and senior events and this certainly is due to the extensive International calendar the Karate England squad has taken part in during the last 24 months.

Its obvious from the last few years stats that those that have embraced the WUKF organisation have benefited immensely from taking part in their events .

With regards to results Shikon finished top of the medals table , but there again that was no surprise considering they have topped the table at English championships throughout the last decade even after switching codes from WKF to WUKF. The Romanian squad finished second with an impressive 11 Golds, followed by a rejuvenated BKO squad and Seishan then York KUGB.

(Full results attached below)

In the children's kata events the Shotokan , Shito ryu and Wado ryu sections are becoming increasingly competitive. It would be nice to see some Goju ryu exponents coming through but maybe next time..

In the Shito ryu Shikon dominated with the exception of the male cadet and men's senior where Ciaran Miller ( CMAC) and Ryan Derbyshire (SSK) respectively broke their hold.

In the Shotokan the spread was impressive with the following squads all taking golds : AMA , Leeds KUGB , York KUGB , Cambridge KUGB ,and Romania WKC.

In the Wado sections the split went 3 Golds to Seishan , 2 To Romania WKC and. 1 to SASKA.

The kumite events were run as usual under WUKF rules with some modifications. The Shikon youngsters were looking particularly sharp taking an impressive 8 golds. Carnalea Wado ryu from Northern Ireland completely dominated the girls up to ten years over 30k taking all four medals.

Shin Gi tai , School of Masters , Seishan and SASKA also took Golds not letting the Shikon squad get it all their own way.

In the cadet sections the hold that Shikon had on these sections last year was definitely broken with Ryan Stead from York KUGB winning the male under 65k , Romanian Robert Trai taking the U75 Maddison Moore (BKO ) winning the female U55k leaving Adam Carrigan Smith and Shauna Carroll from Shikon taking the male and female heavyweight sections respectively.

In the Junior events the newly revitalised Garrick Eastwood (BKO) routed the current European Champion in a superb final U70k but Seidokan's Greg Gentleman could not quite repeat the feat in the final of the heavyweight section losing closely to his Romanian opponent.

In the female Junior open Maddison Moore (BKO)stepped up and blasted the older opposition to take her second gold of the day.

The senior events as always were strongly contested and benefited most from the increase in entries. In the mens U65k the on fire Garrick Eastwood (BKO) came up against another top Romanian Liviu Doduc and again put him to the sword taking his second gold of the day.

The U70k section saw two old rivals go at it again with Phil Patrick and Nick Karanicholas meeting once again in the final. The score was even at the end of     normal time but once again Phil s superior fitness seemed to give him the advantage and he took the gold in enchosen. Gold and silver both going to Shikon.

The men's U75k saw the boys from KUGB s Leeds Academy go at it with coaches Matt Price and Nick Heard looking on. They battled and fought but could         not put the Romanian Vlad Iorga out of the frame. Vlad took the Gold and Matts fighters took all the other medals in this section.

Going up to the U80k it was almost a Shikon clean sweep. Dan Cuthbert and club mate Jason Marquis went head to head in another close final. With the score even on time Jason switched stance and scored with a well times face punch to take the gold . Bronzes went to Lloyd Anderson (Shikon) and Scott Reynolds (BKO).

In the men's heavyweight newcomer Greg Gentleman showed his class taking on older opponents but not necessarily more experienced ones , as Greg has been around for many years on the competition circuit. He showed plenty of guile taking the gold leaving Leeds Academy, Shikon and AMA to take the rest of the medals.

In the ladies senior events Jenna Shilston continued her come back with a win in the U60k beating the Romanian Alexandra Corbeanu in the final by 6-4, Ashley Scott (Leeds) and Lyndsey Roberts (Yokudo) took the third place medals.

The heavyweight section saw currrent champion Ashley Ogbekene (Shikon) lose to her Romanian rival Timea Szasz in the semi final leaving fellow Shikon fighter Claire Maden to try and take the gold but without success. The Romanian took gold in a spirited final. The other bronze went to Ronin's Caroline McGrath.

The Veterans sections saw Shikon take both male and female golds. Rob Ward having taken numerous bronze and silvers over the years eventually made the gold his with his best ever performance . In the females Lynn Aston put paid to her Romanian rival that had beaten her in the final of the European cup recently in Cluj. A convincing 6-1 win saw Lynn go on to successfully take on European bronze medallist Patience Kakitie in the final Lynn was EKGB senior heavyweight champion in 1998 and now adds the veterans title to her long list of titles.

The Shubo Ippon events were well attended , Garrick Eastwood went up against fellow BKO team mate Andrew Lamb in the men's U70k final but it was Garricks day and he took his 3rd Gold of the competition.The O70k saw Romanian Sergiu Vele in a very good final with Scott Reynolds (BKO) with Scott having to settle for silver.

In the male cadet team kumite events Shikon took all four places with Shikon East A beating Shikon south B and Shikon East B beating Shikon South A in the semi finals . Confused ?? You will be .

This led to Shikon East A taking on Shikon East B in the final. The A team had current cadet World team rotation champions Charlie Collins and Adam Carrigan-Smith alongside Ben Poulter fresh from his team bronze at the European championships in Hungary. The A team went in as favourites and did not disappoint, team gold for the A and silver for the B team.

In the cadet female team event two of our World and European team champions Shauna Carroll (Shikon) and Maddie Moore (BKO hooked up with Fern Sugden from Seidokan to enter as a KarateSport England All Stars team. They then proceeded to take out all opposition to win both sanbon and rotation golds.

In the female senior team sanbon event we saw Shikon East beat Shikon West in one semi final and Leeds Academy beat the Romanian team in the other. Shikon East went on to beat the Leeds team 2-1 in the final with wins from Ashley Ogbekene and Jenna Shilston.

In the female rotation however we saw a reversal of this when the two teams met once again and Ashley Scott had a moment of magic in single handedly despatching the Shikon team in just over a minute. A pleasing moment for Leeds coaches Matt Price and Nick Heard.

In the men's senior team events it was interesting to see the same names come up again Shikon, Leeds and Romania WKC.

In the men's sanbon final Shikon East A took on and defeated the Shikon East B team in a closely matched affair. Dan Cuthbert , Nick Karanicholas and Barry Battson beating club mates Leon Martin , Jason Marquis and Phil Patrick. Interesting that the losing team went on to win two of the senior individual categories. Leeds and Romania WKC had to settle for the bronzes.

In the team rotation event the Romanian A team beat the Shikon East A team in one semi final with the Shikon B team beating the Romanian B team in the other semi final. In the final the Romanians found the going tough but hung on to an early lead to take Gold.

Congratulations to all the medal winners for their success in what was a very strongly contested competition.

Many thanks of appreciation to all the hard working officials and organising team for an excellent event.

Anyone who missed out on photos on the day should go to the DE PHOTO website and review the many photos there . They can still be ordered with or without the special border/frame that was available.

Please note that the next England squad training will be on Sunday 15th January 2012 , and please check the KE or KSE websites for next years full calendar    which should be available within the next few weeks enabling you to start planning for next year KE Nationals.




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