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2010 Karate England National Championships -13th November
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The 2010 Karate England Championships were held at the Hillsborough Leisure Centre on Sunday 13th November.

With a good entry from the various KE groups and a strong squad of officials , the start was unfortunately delayed due to a problem on the M1 but eventually organisers Abdu Shaher and Ian Cuthbert managed to get the first section going.

The childrens kata sections saw Claire Bonello s juniors taking a clean sweep of the shito ryu sections and Mark Searson s Seishan club dominate the Wado sections.

The senior Wado ryu kata saw Jamie Boddington and Ami Wright Hamilton win their respective sections.

Mitchell and Holly Roberts took golds in the senior shito ryu categories and went on from there to win the open sections as well , in what were very hotly contested events.

The Childrens kumite events were dominated by the strong Shikon squad but well done to Joshua Holiath (Sokudo) and Ellie Greenhalgh (Seidokan) for breaking the pattern and taking gold in their events.

The cadet sections were very busy and medals were spread across the board.

Maddie Moore from Dudley took the female lightweight with her usual aplomb , Whitney Rose from Kyoji beat team mate Sarria Joseph in the heavyweights in a tight final.

In the male cadet kumite Harry Goldstone from Yokudo battled through one of the biggest categories of the day to beat Ben Turner (Shikon) in the lightweights and old adversaries Greg Gentleman and Charlie Collins repeated their duel in the heavy weight final with Greg the winner on this occasion.

Phil Patrick (Shikon) beat his own student Nathan Hunt in the finalof the mens lightweight and John Anderson (Kyoji) made the heavy weight section his yet again with a competent all round performance.

The senior female saw Claire Farmer (Shukokai Ryu) win the lightweight beating Kerry McCormack (Shikon) and in the heavy weight Ashley Ogbekene (Shikon) beat Amy Wright Hamilton (Shukokai Ryu) .

In the shubo Ippon events Carl Smith from Kyoji Kai beat Ben Ecob from CMAC in the male event and Kerry McCormack went one better than in the sanbon by beating club mate Ashley Ogbekene in the female section.

Veterans saw last years champion Dean Tilley lose to Basil Leeshue in the mens and Patience Kakitie win her first title beating current champion Lisa Lethbridge in the female.

Team saw SKA and Shikon West win the childrens and senior kata events respectively.

Shikon East with Charlie Collins , Adam Carrigan-Smith and Conor Hill dominated the cadet male team winning both the sanbon and the rotation.

Kyoji kaia female cadets with Whitney Rose , Sarria Joseph and Laura Wheeler then repeated the same feat in the female secions.

The senior teams saw John Anderson s Kyoji kai dominate , winning both sanbon and rotation events quite convincingly but in the female teams things were not quite so clear cut with Shukokai ryu beating Shikon in the sanbon event but shikon turning the tables in the rotation.

Congratulations to all medal winners and also to the fantastic squad of officials that worked throughout the day. Their success was demonstrated all the more through the complete lack of complaints made by coaches during the day.

Looking forward to 2011 , watch out for next years calendar and also the publishing of all the ranking winners for 2010.

Watch this space.