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8/9 Dec - 5 Nations Championships -Trieste
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5 Nations Championships Trieste, Italy. 8/9 December 2012

The last international trip of the year saw the Karate England seniors travel to Trieste Italy for Italian Federations Northern Regional Championships incorporating the last leg of the 2012 Nations Cup.

With kata on the sat morning the Nations event was scheduled for the afternoon despite some snow fall in the area. Temperatures were below freezing but the welcome from FIK the Italian host Federation was as warm as ever.

The Nations Cup proved a difficult one for the English teams made up of the following fighters

Men's team: John Anderson, Dan Cuthbert, Garrick Eastwood and Mike Cormack

Women's team:  Ashley Ogbekene, Shauna Carroll and Claire Maden

Our overall finish was third behind Italy and Romania but largely due to three disqualification s costing us dearly, a tot up of the contact decisions being harsh to say the least.
The feeling back at the hotel was somewhat down and coaches Abdu Shaher and Ian Cuthbert did their best to pick up everyone's spirits at dinner.

The resolve was to prove a point the next day in the individual and open team events !!

The next day saw a flurry of early medals largely due to the  refereeing being seemingly back to normal.

Garrick Eastwood kicked off with a gold in the men's u60k despite having his eye cut open in the semi final.

Michael Cormack reached his final in the men's u70k but lost narrowly to a top Italian fighter.

Dan Cuthbert reached his final in the u75k to face World Champion Christian Pop. It was a close fight between these two old rivals but It came to an end after a very heavy punch from Dan poleaxed the Romanian  resulting in disqualification for Dan. 

Our own European Champion John Anderson was in action in the Men's u80k , he took a while to warm up in the early rounds but John controlled the final and ran out champion in that section.

Shauna and Claire took bronzes in the women's O60k  and Lynn Aston won gold in the Ladies veterans category.

The men's team had suffered some injuries and could not put a team out but the ladies did themselves proud against the same opponents from the Saturday. With Italy and Romania both going out the England team met the home Trieste team in the final.  With three Italian officials it was going to be an uphill task.
Shauna went out first and scored several head kicks to take the fight 6-0, Ashley should have sown up the match but the referee didn't seem to want to score her punches, the result was a 2-2 draw. This left Claire up against the Italian's best fighter and everything she did seems to score leaving it 0-6 against Claire. 
The match result was a draw one win each but even also on ippons so it was to be one fighter from each team.

Shauna faced their third girl and again kicked jodan again and again interspersed with some quality punching.  Several seemingly good kicks were overlooked but the outcome was inevitable as the Italian  was having trouble dealing with the speed of Shauna's kicks.  Final score 6-1 and a team gold for England.

Total medal tally 4 gold. 2 silver and 4 bronze

Well done to everyone and it was a nice touch from KarateSport England to sponsor the trip leaving minimal costs to the fighters .



5 Nations Gallery

5 nations line in trieste
5 nations line in trieste
dan cuthbert2 - silver
full ke delegation in trieste
italian celebration cake
john anderson -80k gold
ke ladies team gold
michael cormack2 -70k silver
treiste at night